A typical day at school

Now, as far as I know most people hate school. The only reason for this is because most of the work is SO BORING. But I think that school is fun. Firstly, you get to see your friends and can play with them. There are also fun games and sport at school. How about I tell you about my typical day at school. I catch the bus to school and arrive at 10 to 9. The bell goes at 5 to 9. We all file in on a Monday morning to do our spelling pre- test. Then we have our literacy groups  (Monday is my time for blogging). After recess we do math and writing and after lunch we have talking and listening and art. Each day is slightly different because we also do science , HSIE and PE. Yes – it may sound just like your school day too, but the difference in my class is the exciting, interesting and creative way our teacher teaches us these subjects. We do a lot of research and independent work and use the Internet and smartboard for many of our tasks. Being in the OC is very challenging but rewarding, especially when we do Think Fest, and Murder under the Microscope. We are learning to be independent thinkers. So that’s my day at school. Comment and tell me what yours is like!

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