The Soldiers Point Public school FETE!

Hey guys, guess what… we had a school fete! It was so cool! We had to do a speech on it which we didn’t have much time for. The fete was on Saturday and we had till Tuesday to do it, 2 days! The fete was really fun!!!! There were fun fair rides, including; a bungee trampoline, a rock climbing wall, 2 mega slides, and a gladiator duel. Inside the school grounds there were lots of stalls set up where you could buy things like; books, toys, lucky dips, food, cakes, plants, drinks, and show bags. You could also win prizes by knocking down pictures of teachers’ faces, or at games of chance and raffles. And there’s more – other activities were art and craft , concerts, pony rides, tattoos and face painting. If you are thinking about a school fete then GO AHEAD, it will be terrific!

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