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I am nominating these blogs for the edublogs nominations. Here are the links:

This blog is realy interesting because he has so many interesting posts on cool things.

I am nominating Brendan because he has interesting posts on widgets.

I am nominating Jonah because he is a young blogger and its good see such young people blogging.


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

As everybody knows the new Harry Potter movie is now showing in the cinema. On Sunday 21st November I went to see it at the new Charlestown Square Reading Cinema in the Titan XC  cinema. It was SO COOL!

WARNING: I am about to tell you about the movie – so if you dont want to spoil it for yourself – do not read on.

Harry and his wizard friends need to form a team to defeat Voldermort. They must meet at the Burrow, (the Weasley’s house) and the only way to get there is on their broom sticks. Whilst being chased by the death eaters, one of the Weasley brothers is wounded. In the end they make it there safely. Harry, Ron, and Hermione must find and destroy the 7  horcruxes. Harry has already destroyed one of the horcruxes, Tom Riddle’s diary, in the Chamber of Secrets. In the 6th film – ‘Half Blood Prince’ , Harry finds a locket which he falsely believes is a horcrux. Now he finds Salazar Slytherin’s locket which is a real horcrux. He must destroy it with the sword of Gryffindor. Harry is drowning in a freezing pond where he is trying to get the sword from the bottom, when Ron pulls him and the sword out just in time. Together they destroy the horcrux. The 3 of them soon learn about the deathly hallows. Her is its symbol           .

The Hallows are three sacred objects: the Resurrection Stone, a stone with the power to recall the dead to the world of the living(represented by the circle); the Elder Wand, an unbeatable wand(the line through the circle); and an infallible Invisibility Cloak ( the triangle around these two objects). At the end of this movie, which is part 1, Voldermort breaks open Dumbledore’s coffin and steals his wand, THE ELDER WAND!

I can’t wait for part 2 to come out in July 2011.

I enjoyed this film very much and would recommend it to all Harry Potter fans, but it has scenes which may be  scary for younger viewers.                                                                                                     This is a link to the trailer!

A typical day at school

Now, as far as I know most people hate school. The only reason for this is because most of the work is SO BORING. But I think that school is fun. Firstly, you get to see your friends and can play with them. There are also fun games and sport at school. How about I tell you about my typical day at school. I catch the bus to school and arrive at 10 to 9. The bell goes at 5 to 9. We all file in on a Monday morning to do our spelling pre- test. Then we have our literacy groups  (Monday is my time for blogging). After recess we do math and writing and after lunch we have talking and listening and art. Each day is slightly different because we also do science , HSIE and PE. Yes – it may sound just like your school day too, but the difference in my class is the exciting, interesting and creative way our teacher teaches us these subjects. We do a lot of research and independent work and use the Internet and smartboard for many of our tasks. Being in the OC is very challenging but rewarding, especially when we do Think Fest, and Murder under the Microscope. We are learning to be independent thinkers. So that’s my day at school. Comment and tell me what yours is like!

My area

These are some photos of my area that I live in:

When you should use photos

Using a photo on your blog can be dangerous! They can be copied and pasted by other people! Then they can put inappropriate things on your photo or put you on a site like face book and say bad things about you! If you don’t want to put yourself in public then ask a trusted adult for permission and advice. If you are over eighteen take the matter into your own hands but be careful.

The Soldiers Point Public school FETE!

Hey guys, guess what… we had a school fete! It was so cool! We had to do a speech on it which we didn’t have much time for. The fete was on Saturday and we had till Tuesday to do it, 2 days! The fete was really fun!!!! There were fun fair rides, including; a bungee trampoline, a rock climbing wall, 2 mega slides, and a gladiator duel. Inside the school grounds there were lots of stalls set up where you could buy things like; books, toys, lucky dips, food, cakes, plants, drinks, and show bags. You could also win prizes by knocking down pictures of teachers’ faces, or at games of chance and raffles. And there’s more – other activities were art and craft , concerts, pony rides, tattoos and face painting. If you are thinking about a school fete then GO AHEAD, it will be terrific!

Update on ‘ The lion, the witch and the wardrobe’.

Hi everyone. I’m just updating on ‘ The lion, the witch and the wardrobe’. It has been going so well. Every show has been a full house especially supper night which was my opening night.  These are the dates of the shows that I will  be in next:

  • 16th of October 7pm
  • 30th of October 2pm
  • 6th of November 7pm
  • 20th of November 2pm
  • 27th of November 2pm

 Here is a picture of me and the witch taken by my teacher Mrs Cliff who came to see the show:                                                               IMG_3858

Why you should visit my blog

I need more people visiting my blog so now i am going to tell you why you should. My blog Is really cool because:

It has some really cool animal widgets,Bubby a really cut yellow panda that eats bamboo, and Small Fry a cut blue chicken that goes CRAZY when eating chicken food.

Just about everything that hapens in my class room and lego is on my blog. I think my blog is really REALLY cool!